Capital Cycle Camp is a summer camp with daily activities designed around biking in Washington, D.C.

Here's what we're all about...


Staying Active

City or not, the summer is a time to get outdoors. We believe in staying active and at Capital Cycle Camp we make sure your kids do to. 

Community Service

Amidst all of the activity, we make sure to find time to give back. Each week involves a community service activity in downtown Washington.


Team Building

With biking, safety is a must. We make sure everyone learns to ride as a team and sticks together for a safe and active week on bikes.

The Capital Cycle Camp is proud to call the Hill home!


I'm a third grade teacher in the District of Columbia. I've taught elementary school for the past 8 years in Washington, D.C. I've been involved with camps in one way or another since I was the age of my students. I've led youth groups on summer conservation excursions. I've directed a week long AmeriCorp affiliated camp in D.C. Oh, and I love biking. To and from work most days or you can find me riding 80 miles on country roads in the area on weekends.