Life @ Bike Camp

Camper Info: Campers should be at least 6 years of age and able to ride a two wheeled bicycle. We extend our program to the middle school age range with more rigorous outdoor activities and leadership opportunities.

Will my child ride all day non-stop in DC heat and humidity? Absolutely not! We always schedule our day so our campers get plenty of air conditioned breaks. Our days typically consist of a morning ride and an afternoon ride, paired with a daily activity. Sometimes our rides will be transportation to an activity (like the Smithsonian folk-life festival or volunteering with the Anacostia Watershed Society). Other times, they could be an out-and-back ride to show the campers amazing trails in our city, like the Metropolitan Bike Trail or the Anacostia River Trail.

General Activities include: Museum excursions, bike maintenance demonstrations, lots of community service opportunities, and fun excursions to local business such Labyrinth Games and trips to community pools.

Do all campers ride in one large group? We tailor groups based on age and ability for each individual week. We ensure everyone gets individual attention by maintaining a 1:7 staff to camper ratio.

What are your hours of operation? We operate from 9-6. As a former educator, the founder of Capital Cycle Camp understands the importance of flexibility around family schedules. Call or email ahead of time if you need to arrange a different pick-up schedule.

We also offer before care from 8-9am for an additional $10 per day.

Our Commitment

Let’s have a great week with great people! Capital Cycle Camp hires well-rounded instructors who work hard to provide exceptional service to our campers and families. Whether your 1st grader or incoming middle schooler joins us, we want them to have a wonderful experience and week of learning with us!