Week 1 - Daily Updates!

Daily Notes and Updates! 

Monday- We rode all over the Hill in the morning! We traveled to the Natural History Museum in the afternoon and saw a IMAX on Dinosaurs.

Tuesday- We swam and played at Yards Park. We rode a total of 9 miles today!

Wednesday- Please plan for a nice long day of biking. We most likely will head to DCA (Gravelly Point). We may swing by Yards park on the way back to quickly cool off. A swimsuit is completely optionally. With the warm weather, kids are almost dry by the time they get back to Maury Elementary. 

Thursday- Rollingcrest- We will head to the splash park in Chillum Maryland. We will most likely ride our bikes to Union station. Please pack a metro card, swim gear, and a towel. 

Friday- (Flex day) There is a tentative plan for a volunteer project! I generally leave this day open for a kid centered day where they can choose the activities we embark on (via bicycle).